Together We Fly!

Synergy IS our process.

Canadian geese migrate thousands of miles every spring and fall in a V-formation. Why? They fly further and faster when they take turns leading—they share the heavy lifting—and adopt a synergistic relationship. The byproduct of that relationship is a higher-performing team.

Working together enables them to be more effective in achieving what they all want as individuals—travelling south for the winter or returning north for the summer. They could fly by themselves, but they don’t. Instead, they choose to work together as a team. They co-create a strategy that supports each of their needs in the moment and the result they all want.

With Robyn and Jason’s work, they adopt a similar strategy. Combined with your life experience and input, like the geese, they help co-create a more profound understanding that supports what you want as a result of working with them. The combined efforts create more positive momentum, which moves your life forward in a way you might be hard-pressed to do on your own.

Professional Development that Sticks!

How our process is different and why it works.


Before we delve into the details of what Robyn and Jason offer, let’s consider why their workshop, The Healthy High Performance Journey, is such an important consideration for individuals and teams trying to utilize professional development training to enhance the health, well-being, and performance of their team members. Tim Gallwey, considered by many to be the godfather of mental training for optimal performance, coined the expression The Inner Game and went on to write several books referencing the benefits of exploring your own “inner game” before, during, and after moments of performance. He also derived this equation when explaining what contributes to and detracts from your ability to perform.

By utilizing The Healthy High Performance Journey workshop, yes, you’ll build and support your team’s POTENTIAL by offering them essential tools, skills, concepts, and strategies. And, you’ll also ensure their engagement in exploring and unpacking their possible interferences.

Robyn and Jason refer to that integral work as the being part of performance. It’s how your potential is expressed: through you—your being. And if your being is compromised or interfered with, so too is your potential—your training, knowledge, and experience—and, along with it, your performance.

As long as human beings are part of your teams, you will have interferences! By learning to understand, demystify, and work with them, your team will be better equipped to show up as their best selves and perform at their highest possible potential for longer.

“Jason and Robyn joined our company conference as workshop facilitators both for our management team as well as our whole staff team of a little more than 100 people. Their ability to connect with a diverse audience and have everyone feel engaged in the content was impressive. Our whole group walked away feeling better equipped to take control of their own motivation, performance, and engagement. The approach to coaching via inquiry that they taught us is still used by managers across the organization. All-in-all, I couldn’t recommend Robyn and Jason more. Their pre-conference exploration sessions and prep work were very thorough, and by the time we got to the sessions themselves, they understood our culture in a real way and delivered a top-notch set of sessions.”
Brian Hawkins
Chief Executive Officer, BigSteelBox

Professional Development Workshops:

Corporate, education, government, and professional sports teams.

The Context:

Growing up in a culture so focused on results, it’s no wonder that many individuals today have forgotten how to engage in the necessary process of finding their own personal excellence—their highest potential. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to connect physically, mentally, and emotionally with the process of discovering their best selves and achieving performance on a level they may not have considered possible. Furthermore, they will leave with a better understanding of how to inspire the best in others.

The Challenge:

A large part of what impedes many individuals from achieving their highest potential is the mental and emotional messaging that they have heard throughout their lifetime and, perhaps more importantly, what they have made it mean. “We do the best we can with what we know” is the foundation of our operating systems. Unfortunately, what we know—what we have been taught—can be limiting. Everything from our stick & carrot culture to our insatiable appetite for chasing success to defining ourselves by what we do and accomplish—all of it interferes with our ability to simply be our best.

The Opportunity:

The Healthy High Performance Journey workshop is unique in its purpose and approach. Utilizing a safe and inclusive environment, Robyn and Jason help participants tap into the best version of themselves—their highest potential—through an in-depth exploration of their emotional hardwiring. They do that by delving into who you are—your being—when you show up as employees, parents, partners, and citizens. Essentially, they invite participants to consider that by being at their best, they become better at everything they do!

When participants understand the influence of their emotional state on their capacity to develop their potential further, they discover another realm of possibilities. By challenging traditional limiting paradigms, Robyn and Jason invite participants to discover a more holistic approach to living their highest potential. The tools shared support improved performance, a broader understanding of soft skills, greater engagement, higher work satisfaction, better health, positive measured results, accountability, success, and a stronger culture of team and belonging.y

“Educational psychologist and child development expert Gordon Neufeld said this: ‘Children learn best when they like their teacher and when they think their teacher likes them.’ (Neufeld, Hold on to Your Kids, 2006) This is the truth: the relationship between teacher and child, coach and athlete, leader and team begins, first and foremost, with the teacher, coach, and leader. The work that Robyn and Jason have undertaken across multiple industries and organizations confirms that the most powerful tool we can bring to the learning relationship is love and acceptance. Robyn and Jason provide an evidence-based, authentic program that builds team and individual capacity; their personal and professional presence with groups speaks to their passion for their work and their dedication to the ideals of becoming your very best self in service of others.”
Jo-Anne Kingstone
Partner, Elarton Point Strategies, Past Head of School at Aldergrove School

The Healthy High Performance Journey workshop is a multi-day process through which Robyn and Jason lead many different types of organizations. Ideally, they lead the first two days, followed by a significant break during which participants practice the tools and skills they’ve learned, and then the final two days.

Days 1 and 2 allow each participant to get to know Robyn and Jason, develop a trusting relationship, and focus on building their potential (see Tim Gallwey’s equation above). Days 3 and 4 focus on the interferences, where the being part of performance is explored.

Follow-up one-on-one coaching can be a valuable and effective strategy to ensure complete comprehension, as well as implementation and utilization of the content covered in their workshop. The scheduling and execution of those meetings is a conversation Robyn and Jason would welcome. Please scroll down to learn more about their coaching.

Here are a few of the areas participants will leave with a better understanding of: 

1] How a process-centred approach to coaching/leadership supports our pursuit of high performance (HP).

2] How having our “why” be more about intrinsic “rewards” rather than extrinsic ones helps support a cleaner burning fuel/motivator.

3] How goal setting that naturally aligns with our emotional hard-wiring supports HP.

4] How our experience of mental toughness/ego/shame/failure can adversely impact HP.

5] How effective inquiry, not instructions, drives accountability that registers on a deeper level and supports the pursuit of HP.

6] How compassionate communication supports healthier relationships built upon trust, respect, vulnerability, and improved conflict resolution skills while building HP.

7] How grit and resilience inspired through LOVE supports empowerment, integrity, and HP.

8] How enhanced relationship skills can support more effective work, professionalism, engagement, fulfilment, and HP.

9] How embracing self-care as a strategy enhances relationships, as well as supporting our capacity to reach an elevated level of HP.

10] How a personal and professional Legacy Statement enhances the pursuit of HP and facilitates a meaningful and fulfilling career.

There are so many possibilities for supporting you and your team as you look to perform and live better. Book a call today to find out why Robyn and Jason’s clients respond as positively as they do in describing their experience with The Healthy High Performance Journey.

Find out why Robyn and Jason use rowing machines and relay races to explore how motivation can influence everyone’s ability to show up and perform.

Learn how the “stories” you write and hold close regarding failure and success either support or interfere with the pursuit of your potential.

And, yes, they’ll tell you why “Coaching is Connecting” and the putting competition is such a popular and powerful paradigm shift for participants.

Reach out—they look forward to chatting with you soon . . .

“We've had Jason and Robyn run three of their four-day workshops with our entire staff over the past couple of years. They have also led a parent evening and a student session. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do in our schools. Their approach reminds us of how to approach those relationships with our students, families and colleagues effectively and in a way that benefits everyone.”
Derek Logan
Head of School, Kingsway College

Keynotes that Engage and Inspire:

First thing in the morning or an after dinner event.

"Jason’s message is powerful. It underlines hope and optimism to create a better world through the valuing of human relationships and love rather than power, money, status, or success. While it highlights a different way to compete in sport, it transfers into any arena of life—home, business, and play. It challenges one to live differently."
Elizabeth Moore
Executive Director, Independent School Association of British Columbia

Jason’s storytelling strikes a note of integrity and honesty rarely seen. His story, a compelling and very personal journey, coupled with his witty, self-deprecating humour, fully engages his audience and leaves them with life-changing messages that resonate for years. Never lecturing, Jason simply challenges audiences to rethink their traditional perspectives on high performance in business, education, leadership, sport and life, and asks them to explore how they can achieve personal success more effectively and with greater fulfilment and joy.

Every keynote is tailored to the client’s needs. Book a call today and tell Jason what you’re imagining for your event, and what you would like your organization to take away from his talk.

Previous clients have utilized themes ranging from:

The Power of Process

Let Your Legacy Guide You

The Gift of Adversity!

What’s LOVE Got to Do With It?

Health and Well-being: The High-Performance Blindspot (both Robyn and Jason) 

Top 10 Takeaways from Our Olympic Journeys (both Robyn and Jason)

“Jason’s presentation was both inspiring and thought-provoking. His unique perspective on life and leadership is one that most definitely speaks to success within the very real context of our greater human journey.”
Izumi Miki McGruer
Regional Development Manager—Freedom 55 Financial, London Life Insurance

An Investment that Will Transform Your Life:

One-on-one coaching that works WITH you.

"Robyn and Jason create a space, which invites their clients to show up with confidence, courage and vulnerability. They are intuitive, empathic and extraordinarily skilled in helping people to access their deepest awakening."
Peter McCoppin
International Orchestral Conductor, Communication Coach

Truthfully, it’s actually two-on-one coaching—Robyn and Jason co-coach. That way, their clients get the best of both of them—Robyn, the compassionate and understanding counsellor and Jason, the strategist and problem solver who keeps clients accountable and moving forward.

Working with Robyn and Jason creates a unique opportunity for individuals to explore the limiting messages that have influenced them over a lifetime and discover how a more holistic approach will inspire outcomes far beyond their own perceived limitations. Their coaching process ensures improved performance and produces positive measured results, accountability, success, greater fulfillment, happiness, joy, and life satisfaction.

Their clients range from entrepreneurs to executives, leaders to managers, athletes to artists and everything in between. They develop a safe and trusting relationship that helps support individuals as they navigate challenges around motivation, goal setting, leadership, transition, fear, stress, performance anxiety, health and well-being—anything that limits one’s ability to reach the goals they have set for themselves and others. They will provide you with the insights and tools to reach heights you may not have considered. To find out more about working with Robyn and Jason, book a call today.

"My work with Robyn & Jason was pivotal in a moment of transformation in my life—both professional and personal. Struggling after COVID to find/define my 'finish line' and coming to grips with a lack of structure, their ‘dynamic duo’ approach to coaching provided me with several invaluable new skills and tools. Their work focused on me the human as opposed to me the employee or me the leader. They supported me writing my next chapter as a healthy, balanced human. I know I will work with them again in the future, no doubt as the continued work sets me up for my next big moment of transformation."
Kiel Peterson
Global Director (VP), Diageo

“Stick and carrot motivation will result in JUST enough effort to avoid the stick or garner the carrot. It’s a limiting mindset when it comes to reaching our highest potential!”

—Robyn and Jason

Perform and Live Better.

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