Jason’s storytelling strikes a note of integrity and honesty rarely seen. His story, a compelling and very personal journey, coupled with his witty self-deprecating humour fully engages his audience and leaves them with life-changing messages that resonate for years. Never lecturing, Jason simply challenges us to rethink our traditional perspectives on high-performance in business, sport and life, and asks us to explore how we can achieve personal success more effectively and with greater fulfillment and joy.

How can hardship be the best thing that ever happened?

CONTEXT: “The most devastating moment of my life.” is how Jason used to describe Olympic final failure in rowing at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games. Now, he describes that moment as a “gift”—the catalyst to his most powerful and profoundly transformative life experience ever. In-it-to-win-it, Jason was all about results—never stopping to appreciate or even notice the incredible journey that he was a part of. He defined himself by those results—a winner if having won, and a loser if having lost. However, the definition of “Olympic loser” proved too much for Jason and he struggled for years to not only find a new personal identity, but also purpose in his life after rowing.

OPPORTUNITY: Now, all of these years later, Jason has realized that there’s only one way out of adversity—trust. Trust that in the moment, everything is happening exactly as it should. From this foundational belief, Jason has turned incidents that most would on the surface define as adversity into positive and rewarding opportunities. Jason will share stories and tools that will assist any organization get back on their feet, and move forward with optimism and a newfound outlook on thriving amidst hardship.


  1. Reflect on the how you’ve dealt with adversity in the past.
  2. Learn how trust is the one way out of adversity.
  3. Tools for finding opportunity in almost every setback that will inspire and unite a team behind a newfound purpose.


Having the presence of mind to find opportunity in EVERY moment of unexpected adversity is a game-changer.
J<em>ason Dorland</em>
Jason Dorland

Organizational Leadership
Health and Wellness

Please Note: Jason conducts multiple interviews with all of his clients prior to his engagements. To find out how this message can be fine-tuned to more specifically fit your requirements, please feel free to contact him.

A Sample of Jason Sharing One of His Keynotes

Keynote Introduction:

Jason Dorland is an author, Olympian, coach, entrepreneur and storyteller who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence for himself and those he supports. He is a graduate of The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, taught high school for 15 years and is the co-founder of Left Coast Naturals—an organic and natural food manufacturer and distributor in Vancouver. During his 10 years of coaching high-school rowing, Jason’s crews won 12 International Championship events, set a Canadian course record time and won back-to-back events with the same four athletes—a feat never before achieved at a National Championship. Jason is now sharing his experiences and life-lessons through his keynotes and workshops, he consults as a high-performance coach for athletes, teams, artists and executives while promoting his recent book: PULLING TOGETHER: A Coach’s Journey to Uncover the Mindset of True Potential.

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