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“This powerful course gave me new tools that helped me to get more out of myself and my team. Everyone has potential. You hear it all the time, but how do you tap into it? So many people are in a rut—I was, and the time I spent with Jason and Robyn inspired me tremendously. Their story is compelling, and their application to everyday life is practical and achievable. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone that wants to encounter a mind shift that takes them to another level in their performance.”

—Kevin Neufeld, Olympic Champion

The Context:

Growing up in a culture so focused on results, it’s no wonder that many individuals today have forgotten how to engage in the necessary process of finding their own personal excellence—their highest potential. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to connect physically, mentally and emotionally with the process of what it takes to discover their best self and achieve performance on a level they may not have considered possible. Furthermore, they will leave with a better understanding of how to inspire the best in others.

The Challenge:

A large part of what impedes many individuals from achieving their highest potential is the mental and emotional messaging that they have heard throughout their lifetime and, perhaps more importantly, what they have made it mean. ‘We do the best we can with what we know’ is the foundation of our operating systems. Unfortunately, what we know—what we have been taught—can be limiting. Everything from our stick & carrot culture to our insatiable appetite for chasing success to defining ourselves by what we do and accomplish—all of it interferes with our ability to simply be our best.

The Opportunity:

The Healthy High Performance Journey workshop is unique in its purpose and approach. Utilizing a safe and inclusive environment, we help participants tap into the best version of themselves—their highest potential—through an in-depth exploration of our emotional hardwiring. We do that by delving into who we are—our being—when we show up as employees, as parents, as partners, and as citizens. Essentially, we invite participants to consider that by being at our best, we become better at everything!

When we understand the influence of our emotional state on our capacity to further develop our potential, we discover another realm of possibilities. We invite participants to discover a more holistic approach to living their highest potential by challenging traditional limiting paradigms. The tools that are shared will support improved performance, a broader understanding of soft skills, greater engagement, higher work satisfaction, better health, positive measured results, accountability, success and a stronger culture of team and belonging.

The Premise:

Years from now, when we look back on our legacy—both personal and professional—will we do so with pride and satisfaction knowing that the legacy that we are leaving is indeed everything of that which we are capable. Or, will we do so with regret—knowing that many of our choices and actions were hampered by our limiting beliefs? Jason and Robyn believe that when individuals get crystal clear on the legacy that they aspire to and the reasons behind it, the ‘fuel’ with which they create that legacy is more powerful and sustainable than any other. Thereby helping to create results far beyond their original intent.

To book ‘The Healthy High Performance Journey’ for your team or organization, click here. Jason and Robyn look forward to supporting you as you build your exciting legacy. 

“Jason and Robyn joined our company conference as workshop facilitators both for our management team as well as our whole staff team of a little more than 100 people. Their ability to connect with a diverse audience and have everyone feel engaged in the content was impressive. Our whole group walked away feeling better equipped to take control of their own motivation, performance, and engagement. The approach to coaching via inquiry that they taught us is still used by managers across the organization.

All-in-all, I couldn’t recommend Jason and Robyn more. Their pre-conference exploration sessions and prep work were very thorough, and by the time we got to the sessions themselves, they understood our culture in a real way and delivered a top-notch set of sessions.”

 —Brian Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer, BigSteelBox

 “The High Performance Journey’ workshop was a phenomenal experience that challenged my view of who I am and who I want to be. I was not only challenged but shown how I could take a different path moving forward. This was impactful as a leadership educator, a father, and a husband.” —Tyler Fisher, Assistant Director Texas Christian University Leadership Center 

“Jason and Robyn’s ‘The High Performance Journey’ course has led to a fundamental shift in how I create, and execute on, both personal and organizational strategy. Understanding the foundations of true high performance and how to unlock an individual’s potential—be it for a company, myself, or someone I’m coaching—has led to more effective approaches and better outcomes. I highly recommend their workshop!”

—Adam Sweet, Chief of Staff, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation