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This powerful course gave me new tools that helped me to get more out of myself and my team. Everyone has potential. You hear it all the time, but how do you tap into it? So many people are in a rut—I was, and the time I spent with Jason and Robyn inspired me tremendously. Their story is compelling and their application to everyday life is practical and achievable. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone that wants to encounter a mind shift that takes them to another level in their performance.
<em>Kevin Neufeld</em>
Kevin Neufeld
Olympic Champion, SVP Business Development EncoreFX

The Premise

Years from now, when we look back on our legacy—both personal and professional—will we do so with pride and satisfaction knowing that the legacy that we are leaving is indeed everything of that which we are capable. Or, will we do so with regret—knowing that many of our choices and actions were hampered by our limiting beliefs. Jason and Robyn believe that when individuals get crystal clear on the legacy that they aspire to and the reasons behind it, the ‘fuel’ with which they create that legacy is more powerful and sustainable than any other. Thereby, helping to create results far beyond their original intent.

To book ‘The High Performance Journey’ for your team or organization, click here. Jason and Robyn look forward to supporting you as you build your exciting legacy.
If you’re a school, check out the work we’re doing under our new sport education brand—Healthy High Performance School.
Jason and Robyn’s workshop on achieving peak performance is outstanding by any measure. They both provide a safe environment in a highly interactive forum in which participants gain insight and proven method to realize optimum achievement inspired by love and not driven by fear. This workshop gave me a profound awakening to my own life and experience. I absolutely recommend it!
<em>Peter McCoppin</em>
Peter McCoppin
Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, International Orchestra Conductor, National Host/Broadcaster
Anyone involved in coaching others, whether in sport or business, as leaders should consider taking the ‘The High Performance Journey’ workshop as it provides valuable insight how they can connect with their athletes or co-workers to focus on the long-term process to achieve higher levels of performance vs. short-term winning at all costs approach.
<em>Glen Mulcahy</em>
Glen Mulcahy
Founder Paradigm Sports
‘The High Performance Journey’ workshop was a phenomenal experience that challenged my view of who I am and who I want to be. I was not only challenged but shown how I could take a different path moving forward. This was impactful as a leadership educator, a father, and a husband.”
<em>Tyler Fisher</em>
Tyler Fisher
Assistant Director Texas Christian University Leadership Center

‘The High Performance Journey’ with Jason Dorland and Robyn Meagher was a powerful lesson in motivation, performance, competitive advantage and the self-limiting element of interference. Olympian turned coach, Jason and, fellow Olympian and partner, Robyn share life experiences as high-performance athletes to demonstrate the power of consciously choosing your mindset as you embark on any journey toward excellence.

More than a month after the session, I find myself reflecting on the power to choose our attitude as a uniquely human opportunity to affect personal well-being. Jason recommended Viktor Frankl’s best seller, ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ to the seminar participants. The book’s introduction suggests it is a sad statement that over 12 million copies have been sold. Frankl’s writing validates Jason’s message that so many times our goals are about the ‘pursuit of happiness’. The message that comes through loud and clear for me from their workshop is to find a compelling reason or a ‘why’ for your chosen path, to manage any interference, to act upon your choice and happiness will naturally follow.

Thanks, Jason, and Robyn for bringing together such a diverse group of highly motivated participants to deepen our understanding of the powerful forces which motivate people, and the opportunity we have to choose how we act and react to and with these forces.

<em>Don Wheler</em>
Don Wheler
Synergy Credit Union Board President, Canadian Student Leadership Association Board Treasurer, Leadership Practitioner

Jason and Robyn’s ‘The High Performance Journey’ course has led to a fundamental shift in how I create, and execute on, both personal and organizational strategy. Understanding the foundations of true high performance and how to unlock an individual’s potential—be it for a company, myself, or someone I’m coaching—has led to more effective approaches and better outcomes. I highly recommend their workshop!
<em>Adam Sweet</em>
Adam Sweet
Chief of Staff, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation