From one Olympian to another...

First off, congratulations on just getting to these Olympics. If you haven’t already, take a quiet moment to soak that in. You’ve earned the privilege of competing for Canada against the best in the world—an accomplishment worth celebrating.

The coach in me would remind you to take care of the things that you can control and let go of the things you can’t—including the outcome of your event. No amount of worrying about how you will place will improve your performance on race day or game day. You’ve prepared for these Games, so let that preparation show up—get out of its’ way and let your body do what it’s been trained to do… compete!

Keep your bravado in check. Despite what some Canadian officials and media will have you believe, no amount of swagger will increase your chances of owning the podium. Trash talking your competitors in no way demonstrates good sportsmanship, aligns you with the true meaning of the Olympics or supports your dreams. Remember, there is something to be said for humility—it’s not a weakness, it’s an asset. Confidence in your preparation will support you, not public cockiness and chest-pounding.
The outcome of these Olympics will not define you as a person. Believe me, I appreciate that some of you may think that how you place at these Games—win or lose—will be your calling card forever, but it won’t. You will have many bigger-picture moments to define who and what you are—as a friend; as a co-worker; as a sibling; as a life partner; as a parent; as the child of aging parents. You name it—you will have many wonderful opportunities to show-up to life. Don’t get me wrong, these Olympics Games and how you preform are important and will play a huge role in your journey, but like half of the name states—they’re Games, that’s all.

Finally, be safe, play fair, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Jason Dorland is a High-Perfomance Coach who believes the most undervalued and underutilized components of reaching our goals are the mental and emotional areas of our lives. With your commitment, Jason can help you make a positive difference in how you approach your life’s dreams and goals. Guaranteed! To find out how, contact Jason today for a free no obligation consultation. He looks forward to meeting with you and getting started soon! 
Jason Dorland
Jason Dorland
Jason Dorland has dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence for himself and those he supports.