Business Professionals

The dreams, values and work ethics that produce successful high-level athletes are no different than those that build successful businesses and support the people who run them. Jason and Robyn’s approach to coaching is a philosophy that naturally embraces the corporate world. Here are some examples of how they’re expertise will enable them to support you…


Jason lost or better still came DFL during his Olympic final in rowing at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games. He faced and felt, what was at the time, an unimaginable blow. Jason, and the other members his crew, felt the shame of that loss as they were publicly called out in Canada’s national newspaper—The Globe and Mail. At the time, he was 25 years old and didn’t possess the skills, maturity or presence of mind to cope with—or even seek for help to cope with—that shame. He was left to his own devices. What followed was a 15-year journey of self-discovery that changed his life for the better. Jason now has the perspective and tools to assist anyone who has experienced an unexpected challenge and is seeking help to not only manage that challenge, but also come through it having discovered the many new opportunities that abound.

Managing Stress:

The pressure of being on the World’s Stage is something that brings perspective to everything Jason and Robyn have done since racing at the Olympic Games. When you’ve been on the starting line of an Olympic final, having had the gumption and courage to get yourself there, the perspective one takes from that moment provides a reminder of what we’re capable of under the gun. If part of your artistic life requires tremendous amounts of stress management, they can not only help you manage that stress, but thrive in it!

Tools for High Performance:

In 1994 Jason witnessed a Canadian National Team middle-distance runner named Robyn Meagher go from dead-last at the start of her 3000 meter Commonwealth Games final to a Silver Medal finish—it was remarkable. Watching Robyn race, and knowing her motivation—to do her best—challenged everything that Jason had been led to believe about how real competitors achieved high performance and, ultimately, won. Jason was a traditional “stick and carrot” athlete—he rowed to win or, perhaps more truthfully, avoid losing. Robyn ran because of how good it made her feel inside—the byproduct of that was two Olympic Games, numerous international medals, repeated World top-ten ranking and a seventeen year National Team career—all because she simply loved running! Today, Jason has learned what Robyn knew all along—that intrinsic motivation is not only THE most powerful and effective source of motivation we are hard-wired to experience, it is the most sustainable. Jason and Robyn will help you connect with your intrinsic motivation and reap the benefits of improved performance and a more fulfilling life.

Transition can sometimes be harder than we think:

Unfortunately, as so many elite athletes come to experience, transitioning from the life of a full-time athlete to that of a contributing member of society can be a challenge. If you’re in the midst of a significant life transition, Jason and Robyn have the experience, perspective and tools to assist you as you move forward.

Management is not leadership:

Given all of the institutions where Jason and Robyn have worked, they’ve realized that effective leadership is quite often not only undervalued—it’s hard to find. If you’re in a position of leadership and searching for your voice—they can help you find it so that leadership becomes something you ARE rather than something you do.

Getting Started:

Let Jason and Robyn inspire you to make changes that will not only bring measured results, accountability and success, but also a stronger sense of purpose, fulfillment and happiness. To find out how you can achieve a life beyond your original dreams and goals, contact them today. They look forward to meeting with you and getting started soon!