Our Coaching Work

“When we see our competition as inspiration instead of confrontation, we access a higher level of motivation and our performance improves. Together we fly!”—Robyn Meagher

The Context:

Growing up in a culture so focused on results—namely winning—it’s no wonder that individuals today have forgotten how to engage in the necessary process of finding their own personal excellence. On too many levels, we’ve lost touch physically, mentally and emotionally with the process of what it takes to discover our best and achieve high performance on a level we may not have considered possible.

The Challenge:

A large part of what impedes us from achieving our best is the mental and emotional messaging that we have heard throughout our lifetime and, perhaps more importantly, what we have made it mean. ‘We do the best we can with what we know’ is the foundation of our operating systems. Unfortunately, what we know—what we’ve been taught—is limiting. Everything from our stick & carrot culture to our insatiable appetite to chase success to defining ourselves by what we do and accomplish—all of it interferes with our ability to simply be our best.

The Opportunity:

Working with Jason and Robyn creates a unique opportunity whereby individuals explore the limiting messages that have influenced them over a lifetime and discover how a more holistic approach will inspire outcomes far beyond their own perceived limitations. Jason and Robyn’s coaching process ensures improved performance, produces positive measured results, accountability, success and a stronger culture of purpose, team and belonging.

Jason and Robyn’s clients range from executives to managers to athletes to artists to everything in between. They support individuals as they navigate challenges around goals setting, motivation, leadership, transition, fear, stress, performance anxiety—anything the limits your ability to reach the goals you have set for yourself and others, they can provide you with the insights and tools to reach heights you may not have considered. To find out more about working with Jason and Robyn, contact them today.

“Stick and carrot motivation will result in JUST enough effort to avoid the stick or garner the carrot. It’s a limiting mindset when it comes to reaching our highest potential!”—Jason Dorland