The Journey to High Performance

This powerful two-day course gave me new tools that helped me to get more out of myself and my team. Everyone has potential. You hear it all the time, but how do you tap into it? So many people are in a rut—I was, and the two days I spent with Jason and Robyn inspired me tremendously. Their story is compelling and their application to everyday life is practical and achievable. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone that wants to encounter a mind shift that takes them to another level in their performance.
<em>Kevin Neufeld</em>
Kevin Neufeld
Olympic Champion, SVP Business Development EncoreFX

An intensive workshop that uncovers our own limiting beliefs that prevent us from ever reaching our highest performance.

CONTEXT: Growing up in a culture so focused on results—namely winning—it’s no wonder that individuals today have forgotten how to engage in the necessary process of finding their own personal excellence. Jason and Robyn will show you how to connect physically, mentally and emotionally with the process of what it takes to discover your best and achieve high performance on a level you may not have considered possible.

CHALLENGE: A large part of what impedes people from ever achieving their best is the mental and emotional messaging that they have heard throughout their lifetime and, more importantly, what they’ve made it mean. ‘We do the best we can with what we know,’ is the foundation of our operating systems. Unfortunately, what we know—what we’ve been taught—is limiting. Everything from our stick & carrot culture to our insatiable appetite to chase success to defining ourselves by what we do and accomplish—all of it interferes with our ability to simply be our best.

OPPORTUNITY: The Journey to High Performance workshop challenges athletes, coaches and business people to re-think those traditional paradigms and discover a more holistic approach to inspiring greatness. The tools shared will ensure improved performance, produce positive measured results, accountability, success and a stronger culture of team and belonging.

TAKE-AWAY: Your take-away is a better understanding of:

1) How our current perception of success and failure may be limiting us.

2) How a clearer definition and understanding of high performance (HP) will support us.

3) How a process-centered approach to coaching will support our pursuit of HP.

4) How the “why” behind what we do fuels our ability to reach HP.

5) How traditional extrinsic motivation limits our ability to ever reach our potential.

6) How intrinsic motivation supports and sustains our pursuit of HP.

7) How goal setting that naturally aligns with our emotional hard-wiring supports HP.

8) How optimizing emotional awareness supports our pursuit of HP.

9) How our experience of mental toughness/ego/shame/failure adversely impacts HP.

10) How effective questions, not instructions, supports athletes/coaches/teams pursuing HP.

11) How a new personal and professional legacy statement will support our commitment to HP.


Jason and Robyn’s workshop on achieving peak performance is outstanding by any measure. They both provide a safe environment in a highly interactive forum in which participants gain insight and proven method to realize optimum achievement inspired by love and not driven by fear. This workshop gave me a profound awakening to my own life and experience. I absolutely recommend it!
<em>Peter McCoppin</em>
Peter McCoppin
Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, International Orchestra Conductor, National Host/Broadcaster

Organizational Leadership/Education

Please Note: Jason and Robyn will conducts multiple pre-session interviews with all of their clients. To find out how this workshop can be fine-tuned to more specifically fit your requirements, please contact them.

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